NOTE: This story is between a step father and his step son.

I was a very good boy growing up. I had always been obedient to my parents. I did not like being spanked but if it meant that they would let me do something else then so be it. One day my mom went on a business trip and left me with dad. That same night, I was summoned to the den. When I arrived, Dad was dressed head to toe in black leather. His wide brimmed hat shaded his eyes, and glossy black boots with silver buckles tapped a steady rhythm on the hardwood floor. He looked at me sternly as he sat down behind his desk. Finally he spoke.

“Son, you know that your mother has never really liked having sex with me.”

“Yes sir,” I replied nervously.

“Well today she is gone for two weeks and I am going to have some fun!” Dad said standing up from his chair. He walked over to where I stood. I couldn’t help me shake with excitement. I’ve always dreamed that I’d get to do adult things with dad, but never thought they would actually happen. The only thing missing, is dad smoking a cigar. As he came closer to me, he reached out and grabbed the top of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. My heart pounded as I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. I closed my eyes and allowed him to take control of my lips. He pulled away and stared into my eyes.

Could you, eh, maybe. . . smoke a cigar while we play?”, I stammered, my hands trembling as I spoke. I wanted nothing more than to please my dad. I knew what he expected of me.

A broad smile crossed my dad’s face and his eyes sparkled with excitement. “Oh yeah, of course! I’ll go get one right now!” He turned and bounded up the stairs to our bedroom. All I could do was wait in anticipation as several minutes passed in silence. When he returned, he held a long black box that emitted an intoxicating aroma of aged tobacco. My heart raced with excitement as he carefully opened the lid, revealing a large fat cigar. He placed it between his teeth, struck a match, and lit it. A cloud of fragrant smoke rose in the air. Dad looked at me before speaking “Why don’t you get naked.”

I quickly complied, flinging my shirt, pants, and socks onto the ground. I stood exposed in just my briefs, feeling a wave of humiliation wash over me. Dad stepped closer, his face inches from mine. His grip on my hair tightened as he spoke in a deep growl. “Everything off. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir, I replied, removing my briefs and tossing them onto the growing stack of clothes. I stood before my dad in all my glory, his gaze lingering on my crotch. Dad walked over to me, leaving a trail of smoke behind him. He blew out a cloud of pungent cigar smoke, then took another drag blowing the smoke directly into my face.

Dad’s smile widened as he carefully withdrew a slim silver device from his pocket and held it up for me to see. It was about the size of my palm, shaped like a horseshoe, with a small steel ring at its center. He pulled out a pair of leather gloves, slid them on, then gently took my penis in one hand and slipped the device over it. I gasped as he tightened the metal band around my shaft until it became too tight.

This cock cage will keep you from getting aroused when we are alone together.” Dad said, his eyes alight with anticipation. I felt heat radiating from my body as I tried to take in what had just happened. The cool metal felt strange against my skin, but also strangely comforting as it encircled my penis, keeping it firmly pressed against me. I felt powerless and humiliated, yet excited at the same time. I felt my heart beating rapidly in my chest as my breathing became heavy.

Dad took another drag off his cigar, but this time brought his lips close to mine and held them there for a moment. He let out a breath of smoke into my mouth. I inhaled deeply. The acrid fumes filled my lungs, and I tried not to cough. Dad held me tightly as I sucked in more smoke. He continued to hold me like that until the tobacco was finished and levitated away from us.

“Now be a good boy and lick daddies boots.”

“Yes sir,” I replied, stepping forward and bending down to kiss the tops of his boots. I started to lick his left boot first. The leather was smooth and slick beneath my tongue. I started by dragging my tongue up the side of the boot, then licking back down again. Dad’s hand reached down and ran through my hair. I could feel him watching me as I licked the sole. I licked all along the boot, enjoying the taste of tobacco, leather, and my own saliva. Dad’s other hand reached down and grabbed my ass cheek, pulling it outwards and squeezing.

“That’s a good boy. Dad said nudging his other boot into my cheek. “Don’t forget to clean the other boot, boy.”

I eagerly obeyed, licking the entire surface of the boot, then sliding my tongue between the leather and his foot. I slowly dragged my tongue up the inside of the boot, enjoying the sensation of his sweaty foot sliding across my tongue.