Gay Lovin’ in 1955 is about three gangs in Florida in, well, 1955. Each gang has their own idea of how things should be run, and each controls a part of the state.

  • The Dead Eyes greaser gang controls the North part of the state.
  • [Redacted] and his outlaw gang control the west part of the state.
  • The [Redacted] gang controls the centeral part of the state.

Trigger warnings: Non-con elements, Forced consensual intercorse. Blood/gore. Possible character death(s) Furry Sexual Intercourse.

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Tony is one of three admins for the greaser gang. As one of the admins, he doesn’t do too much in the way of gang activity; and only gets involved when necessary. In his personal life he is very into fitness and spends a lot of time at the gym.

  1. Partner: Niko Correa
  2. Pronouns: He/his
  3. Languages: Italian/English
  4. Eye color: Brown
  5. Height: 6’2 (187cm)
  6. Cock size: 8″
  7. Favorite Sex Position: Legs over shoulder