Hello there! So I hear you asking, what is this? Well, Guys Night will be the very first online short comic! I can’t release a new chapter for the main story every month, I work full time and my editor also has other obligations. So in between chapter releases I’ll be posting both One Shots  and short web comics! In this post I’ll go into some detail about both of them and what they are so, let’s get into it! One Shots: Date Night – Must be 18 years or older to read. One shots are just that, a single chapter ranging in length from 4k words to 10k words. These will be paid content that I will release as time allows. These will allow you to get to know each character a little more. The first one is already in the works, and it’s titled “Date Night” and will focus on Gio and Tony’s relationship. It goes into detail about their first date and even introduces the cutest character! Below is a render that john_gylor made for me. Target release for this is June 1st 2022, which is also my birthday! Web Comics: Guys Night – Must be 18 years or older to read. What are web comics? Web comics are short comics that go into smaller detail about characters, like one shots. However these are shorter and are normally under 1k words. These are meant to be sweeter and handle topics I don’t think will fit into the main story. Web comics will also be FREE for everyone to read. There is currently no set release date for the first comic “Guys Night” but I plan to have it released shortly after the novel and before the one-shot.   Render by: Johnny